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The 2014 Rising Nation River Journey took place August 1 to August 17th. In celebration of our 12th year (fourth cycle), we carried the Treaty down the river and invited our partners to sign along the way. The next River Journey will take place in August 2018.


We would like to thank the many people who worked together to make this event happen! Our core group, volunteers, shuttle crew, ground crew in each of our Treaty Signing locations, government officials in Lower Township, State and National Park Service personnel, Treaty Signers, and, of course, our sojourners! Present count of Treaty Signers is 77 organizations and 125 individuals, with more coming in through the mail from those who could not make it in person. So many wonderful partnerships. And this is only the beginning. We look forward to making great progress with our caretaking goals over the next four years! Once again, truly we are grateful to everyone!


To view our Treaty Signers visit our Treaty Signing Page.


Core Crew: L to R Dave Simon, Jane Simon, Becky Bixler, Adam DePaul, Shelley DePaul,
Daniel Reese, Richard McNutt, John Martin, Sherri LaBar, Andy Smith


United Effort, for 7 Generations

Shelley DePaul, Chief, Lenape Nation. Rising Nation Coordinator. lenapenationpa@gmail.com
Robin Hoose. Publications and Media. robinhoose@yahoo.com


In August 2014 an historic event will take place that marks a new beginning of Friendship between the Lenape Nation indigenous tribe of Pennsylvania and the people that neighbor the Delaware River.  As they journey down the river, the Lenape will carry a Treaty of Renewed Friendship to be signed by the Lenape and a number of organizations:  environmental groups, churches, historical societies, and sincerely committed individuals, who wish actively to support the Lenape and to partner as caretakers of the traditional Lenape homeland and each other. 

The monumental river journey will begin in Hancock, New York on Saturday, August 2, 2014 and will culminate on August 17, 2014 in Cape May, NJ.   All are welcome to join us on the river and all committed individuals and organizations are invited to join our "Rising Nation" and sign the Treaty. 

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View the 2014 Treaty

If you would like to sign the Treaty but are not able to attend the 2014 Treaty Signing events, download this form and send it in.


2014 Itinerary

Download pdf of 2014 itinerary


Goals of the Rising Nation River Journey

To journey down the Lena'pe Sipu (Delaware River) in a joint effort to raise awareness, awaken the spirit, and bestow the past, environmentally, culturally and historically, to the future.

To promote the awareness that the Lenape people living in Pennsylvania are carrying on their traditions, culture and spiritual beliefs, and that they are engaged in numerous projects to provide practical ways for all citizens to respect and protect our homeland and the health, welfare and future of the next seven generations of our children.

To promote the awareness that the state of Pennsylvania is one of only a few states in this country that does not recognize its Indigenous people and to invite citizens and Political representatives to sign this treaty so that we may fulfill the dream envisioned by our founding fathers, William Penn and Chief Tamanend, put the fear, pain and humility of the past once and for all behind us, and walk together into the future.

Partners may support the Len'pe people in one or more of the following ways: Hosting cultural/educational programs, Partnering as caretakers of the lenape homeland and Delaware River, cultural center, Assisting in LenapeLanguage revival projects, Assisting in displays/exhibits of Lenape culture, Helping Lenape people to obtain and/or protect sacred land sites, Encouraging updated curriculum in public schools, Attending Lenape functions, Distributing information, Financial assistance, Volunteering to assist with traditional gardening, youth camps and environmental projects.


...the river itself is one long endless song...