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Shelley DePaul, Chief, Lenape Nation. Rising Nation Coordinator. depaul@ptd.net
Robin Hoose. Publications and Media. robinhoose@yahoo.com


In August 2014 an historic event will take place that marks a new beginning of Friendship between the Lenape Nation indigenous tribe of Pennsylvania and the people that neighbor the Delaware River.  As they journey down the river, the Lenape will carry a Treaty of Renewed Friendship to be signed by the Lenape and a number of organizations:  environmental groups, churches, historical societies, and sincerely committed individuals, who wish actively to support the Lenape and to partner as caretakers of the traditional Lenape homeland and each other. 

The monumental river journey will begin in Hancock, New York on Saturday, August 2, 2014 and will culminate on August 17, 2014 in Cape May, NJ.   All are welcome to join us on the river and all committed individuals and organizations are invited to join our "Rising Nation" and sign the Treaty. 

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To view the Treaty visit our Treaty Signing Page.

If you would like to sign the Treaty but are not able to attend the 2014 Treaty Signing events, download this form and send it in.


The 2014 Rising Nation River Journey will take place August 1 to August 17th. In celebration of our 12th year (fourth cycle), we will carry the Treaty down the river and invite our partners to sign along the way. Join us when we reach your area!

Please contact Shelley DePaul, Sojourn Coordinator, depaul@ptd.net, with any questions or to pre-register for any of the following locations.

Anyone joining us on the river must read and sign this Waiver and Release of Liability.

2014 Itinerary

Download pdf of itinerary

Updated July 28, 2014 - Many important updates have been added as of July 28th. Please be sure to use the updated version of this itinerary.

Please note that when on the river, we are on INDIAN TIME
and RIVER TIME! Times are approximate.

Arrive in Camp at 7:00AM to register and arrange for shuttle each day.

Shuttle will run daily. We will drive to our end point each morning and shuttle back to our boats at our starting point. Volunteers will be helping to shuttle our core group back, and we may be able to fit some others as well, but it's best to plan your own shuttle just in case!

Jane and Dave Simon will be our river guides all the way. Thanks Dave and Jane!

Meals and overnight accommodations are provided for 10 people at each location. This will cover our core group plus a few more. There is no fee for joining us on the river, but please be prepared to provide for your own meals and camping costs. Please note that breakfast is out of our packs at all locations.

August 1 - Friday - Gather and overnight camping at Private Property. 8 Cottage St. Long Eddy
Directions: Rt.97 North through Calicoon, about 9 miles to Long Eddy.
Come into Long Eddy and make a left at the Chestnut Cafe towards the river.
Cross railroad tracks and make a left.  Proceed down lane about 20 yards.

"Special Thanks"  to Don and Edie Downes!  Wanishi!

Supper at Long Eddy Hotel. Buffet barbeque runs from 5PM-9PM.

August 2 - Saturday – Hancock, NY (mile 330.7) to Long Eddy, NY(mile315)
Treaty Signing with Equinunk Historical Society

9AM Opening Ceremony at Fireman's Field Access: 205 Park Ave, Hancock, NY
9:30AM depart from Hancock Fireman's Field Access. Paddle 8 miles to Equinunk Historical Society for tour of museum and lunch, provided by the Historical Society. 1972 Pine Mill Road, Equinunk, PA
Depart @ 1:30. Paddle 7 miles to Long Eddy (swimming and nature observation along the way) arrive at 5:00Pm

Supper and Camping overnight on Private Property. 8 Cottage St. Long Eddy
Directions: Rt.97 North through Calicoon, about 9 miles to Long Eddy.
Come into Long Eddy and make a left at the Chestnut Cafe towards the river.
Cross railroad tracks and make a left.  Proceed down lane about 20 yards.

Supper at the Chestnut Cafe.

"Special Thanks"  to Don and Edie Downes!  Wanishi!

August 3 - Sunday – Callicoon, NY (mile 303.7 to Narrowsburg Access, NY (mile 290)
Treaty Signing with NEPA Audubon.

Callicoon Access is next to the Delaware Youth Center 8 Creamery Road, Calicoon, NY 12723

Meet at Calicoon access for 9AM Presentation by by NEPA Audubon They will let us know all about the birds we will see along this route! Thanks to Kathy Dodge!
Depart 10:30.  Paddle 2 miles to Skinners Falls for lunch out of our packs and swimming.
Paddle 11 miles to Narrowsburg.  Supper at Whistle Stop Cafe.  Overnight camping at Landers Narrowsburg Campground, 69 Demauro Lane, Narrowsburg, NY. 12764.

August 4 - Monday - Narrowsburg Access, NY (mile 290) to Lackawaxen, PA (mile277.4) Treaty Signing with Delaware Highlands Conservancy, Wallenpaupack Historical Society and other area partners. 5PM at Zane Grey Museum.

Depart Narrowsburg access. Paddle 6 miles to ten mile river access for lunch out of packs approx 1PM.  Depart at 2PM and paddle 6 miles to Lackawaxen. Presentation by Delaware Highlands Conservancy at the Zane Grey Museum . 5PM Wanishi to Sue Currier! Supper 6PM at Konrads Kitchen and Grill, 2 Beaver Brook Rd, Yulan, NY.

Camping overnight at Kittatinny Campground, 3854 State Rt 97, Barryville, NY 12719

August 5 - Tuesday – Staircase, PA (mile 263.3) to Matamoras, PA (Tri-State mile 253.6)

Depart Staircase Kittatiny access 10AM.  Paddle 5 miles. Stop for lunch out of our packs and swimming. Paddle 5 miles to Tri-State RV Park. Take out, supper, and overnight Camping at Tri-State RV Park 400 Shay Lane, Matamoras, Pa. 18336.  3 miles south of the Matamoras access.

August 6 - Wednesday ­- Matamoras, PA (mile 253.6) to Dingman's Ferry, PA (mile 238.7) Treaty Signing with Tri-State Unity Coalition.

Depart Tri-State RV Park at 9am. Paddle 7 miles. Stop for lunch out of our packs.  Paddle 8 miles to Dingmans Ferry access.

Dinner provided by Perry Gower and Doug and Terry at Phoenix Antiques, Crafts and Gifts. Thanks to Phoenix and to Tri-State Unity Coalition!

Overnight camping at Dingmans Campground 1006 Route 209, Dingmans Ferry, PA   18328 

August 7 - Thursday – Bushkill, PA (mile 228.2) to Shawnee, PA (mile 214.6)
Treaty Signing with Shawnee Preservation Society and other local environmental groups:

Depart from Bushkill access. (note: FEE AREA) Paddle 7 miles. Stop for lunch out of
our packs and swim. Paddle 6 miles to Shawnee Inn.  Supper provided by Shawnee Preservation Society at 6PM. Potluck. Bring a dish to share if you can. Overnight accommodations at Stony Brook Inn for 10-12 people courtesy of Rose Ann Whitesell. Wanishi Rose Ann! Additional Camping available at Worthington State Forest.

Treaty Signing at 5:00PM with: (this list is updated as our partners confirm)
Shawnee Preservation Society

Pocono Avian Research Center
Aquashicola/ Pohopoco Watershed Conservancy
Friends of Cherry Valley
True North Farm
Chestnuthill Township Historical Society

August 8 - Friday – Shawnee, PA (mile 214.6) to Delaware Water Gap, PA (mile 211.7)

Depart from Shawnee Inn. Paddle 4 miles to Delaware Water Gap for Celebration: Drumming and Indian programing. Lunch at Kittatinny access Delaware Water Gap. Tour of Cold Air Cave. If time, paddle to private access and overnight camping on private property. 179 Sandy Shore Road, off of River Road. Wanishi to David Winston for camping accommodations!

August 9 - Saturday - Martin's Creek, PA (mile 194.3)to Easton, PA (Phillipsburg Access) (mile184) Treaty Signing with Easton area partners.

Put in at Martins Creek access.  Paddle 10 miles to Phillipsburg access. Overnight camping at Wy-Hit-tuk Park. Lunch out of our packs along the way.

Treaty Signing at 4PM hosted by Sigal Museum. Potluck Dinner - Sigal Museum at 5PM. PLEASE BRING A POTLUCK DISH TO SHARE! Wanishi to Barbara Kowitz and Sigal staff!

August 10 - Sunday – Easton, PA (Phillipsburg Access) (mile 184) to
Upper Black Eddy, PA (mile 167.7) Treaty Signing with Milford Historical Society
and other area partners.

Depart from Phillipsburg access. Paddle 7 miles to Durham furnace for lunch out of our packs. Paddle 6 miles to Upper Black Eddy. Supper and overnight camping in Milford Borough Park provided by Milford Historical Society. Leave boats at Chestnuthill Bed and Breakfast, 63 Church Street, Milford, NJ Evening program: Treaty Signing and presentation by Milford Borough Historical Society. Lenape program by Shelley DePaul. Wanishi to Milford Borough Historical Society!

August 11 - Monday - Upper Black Eddy, PA (mile 167.7) - Giving Pond (mile 166) Tinicum, PA. Treaty Signing with Tinicum Conservancy.

Depart Upper Black Eddy. Paddle 3 miles to Giving Pond for lunch out of our packs and overnight camping.

Presentation at noon by Marion Kyde who will talk about the work Tinicum Conservancy and the township have done in protecting properties, the watershed plans, and other township plans that mention preserving Lenape sites. Wanishi Marion!

Afternoon paddle on the Giving Pond. Many thanks to Ian Kindle!

Supper at Cocina Del Sol. 10 Bridge St, Frenchtown, NJ.

August 12 - Tuesday - Giving Pond (mile 166)- Lambertville, NJ (mile 148.2)
Treaty Signing with Delaware Riverkeeper.

Depart Giving Pond. paddle 9 miles to Bulls Island access area (mile 155) for lunch out of our packs. Presentation at Bulls Island State Park by Maya van Rossum from Delaware Riverkeeper. Thanks Maya! Paddle 6 miles to Lambertville Access area for take out.

Dinner and overnight camping at Washington Crossing State Park provided by Boy Scout Troop 168 and crew. Treaty Signing with Boy Scouts. 5PM. Closing ceremony. Thanks to Norbert Sonnie, crew and boys!

August 13 - Wednesday - Penn Museum Treaty Signing and Wampum Passing.
Treaty Signing with Philadelphia Area Partners at Penn Museum, Mosaic Gallery/Gardens, 1PM. download flyer

The Lenape Nation lends our wampum each River Journey to a Treaty Signer with whom we have worked closely or who has made significant contributions as caretakers. The wampum is kept for four years and passed on at the next Treaty Signing. Penn has held the wampum for the last four years. At this event we will be passing the wampum on to Delaware Riverkeeper. Maya van Rossum will be accepting the wampum for them.

We will be taking the day off the river for this event! All meals on our own.

August 14 - Thursday - Travel to Cape May. Camping for core group and Pow Wow staff at King Nummy Trail Campground.

Cape May Events
download flyer

August 15 - Friday - Cape May, NJ - Salt Marshes - Birding on the Osprey with Bob Lubberman. Gather 9AM. Spectacular scenery and wildlife! Birds and more birds! We will take the morning tour. Bob''s boat holds 30 people. We have pre-paid for our core group of 10 people. Cost is 15 dollars per person for additional people. Please contact Shelley (depaul@ptd.net) if you plan to join us. We'd like to try to get an approximate number of participants. Bob is also reserving the afternoon tour for us in case we have more than 30 people going.

August 16th - Saturday – Cape May, NJ.

Joining the Lower Township Kayaking Club Of Cape May,NJ. Launch time @ 10AM from the Fisherman's Memorial "beach" off Missouri & Delaware Avenues in Cape May Harbor. We're allowing about 2 hours on the water exploring the saltmarsh area of the creek. Wanishi to Mark & Carol Lovell !
Lunch around noon on Sunset Beach. Afternoon paddle from Higbee’s Beach to Sunset Beach.

Anyone who needs to rent boats/kayaks can obtain them from Bob Lubberman, Birding by Boat. 609-898-3500

August 17th - Sunday - Treaty Signing and Celebration at Cape May - Lewes Ferry Treaty Signing with Cape May area partners.


Lenape Culture Celebration and Treaty Signing
August 17th 2014 10AM-5PM


Daily Activities

10AM  - Storytelling with Bluejay -                                                
               Lenape stories by Bluejay
11AM - Lenape Games for Children - Blue Jay               
              Lenape games for children include spear throwing, antler and rock game, bowl games, corn cob                   shuttlecocks and more

12 Noon   Children's Circle with Chief Shelley DePaul   
Children will participate in drumming and dancing.  Interactive artifact display including many animal skins, with instruction on their importance in Lenape culture.  They will make a Lenape toy and do a candy dance.

1PM Treaty Signing

Treaty Signing with Cape May area partners

2PM - 5PM Pow Wow - Organized by Chief Chuck DeMund

Native American drummers and dancers will perform, including specialty dancers and intertribal dancing.  The public is invited to take part in the dancing.                     

Activities that will be on display all day include:

Historical information and artifact table (Tammanend)
Various vendors will provide Native American items for sale                 
Loom beading demonstration by Waktame
Knapping demonstration by George Bushy
Beading by Ellie                                               

Goals of the Rising Nation River Journey

To journey down the Lena'pe Sipu (Delaware River) in a joint effort to raise awareness, awaken the spirit, and bestow the past, environmentally, culturally and historically, to the future.

To promote the awareness that the Lenape people living in Pennsylvania are carrying on their traditions, culture and spiritual beliefs, and that they are engaged in numerous projects to provide practical ways for all citizens to respect and protect our homeland and the health, welfare and future of the next seven generations of our children.

To promote the awareness that the state of Pennsylvania is one of only a few states in this country that does not recognize its Indigenous people and to invite citizens and Political representatives to sign this treaty so that we may fulfill the dream envisioned by our founding fathers, William Penn and Chief Tamanend, put the fear, pain and humility of the past once and for all behind us, and walk together into the future.

Partners may support the Len'pe people in one or more of the following ways: Hosting cultural/educational programs, Partnering as caretakers of the lenape homeland and Delaware River, cultural center, Assisting in LenapeLanguage revival projects, Assisting in displays/exhibits of Lenape culture, Helping Lenape people to obtain and/or protect sacred land sites, Encouraging updated curriculum in public schools, Attending Lenape functions, Distributing information, Financial assistance, Volunteering to assist with traditional gardening, youth camps and environmental projects.


...the river itself is one long endless song...